Cultural Encounter Reflection

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?
I learned that we have to work as a team a lot because we have to find a solution like if we want to stay with the king who is Mr.Daw or stay. We also have to try and collect enough food for winter. We noticed that getting water was hard. This really helped me with the essential questions because I found out that people move because
the place you are living in might not have enough things for you to live. But the second essential question I didn't learn in the simulation.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?
What I learned about the books I was reading was the shoe makers in the colony days they can fix shoes and can make new shoes. I also learned that I get the leather from the tanner and the tanner gets the fur from the fur trader and the fur trader gets the fur from the hunters. So a shoe maker would not be able to make shoe if there isn't a hunter, a tanner and a fur trader.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
It helped did help me learn my character because I learned how it is like in the colony days and how shoes are made in the colony days. It also helped me know that shoe makers are helpful because a lot of people can hurt their feet and in the winter it can get cold.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?
The bets part of my presentation was in where we needed each other because I wouldn't be able to make shoes without the tanner and the fur traders and the tailor would also need those people. But the one thing we could work on is showing how we can make the shoes and how we can make clothing and how we can make baskets etc.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.
The biggest thing I learned from this unit was how the colony and the Native Americans get along with each other and how they communicate with each other because we learned a lot about how they found land in a very long time and how they found an area and found that Native Americans are living near by.

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