A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johann to go to America?
He was told that their farm in the new world will
be the biggest farm ever. And they will start a
farm in 450 acres. And he will get 50
acres every day. So that made Johann to
go to America.

How did he feel about the decision later?
He felt very good and happy because his farm
was working very good and he was able to grow
fruit. He also owned land and the new world was
filled with houses. And Johann feels really proud of it.


What I learned in watching the brain pop movie: Why do people move?

people move because there could be a civil war in there country so have to go to a more safe country so their family could be safe. Some people can't move to a different country because the rules are not to go to a different country and just stay at the country you are from. Even if you are going for a short vacation or holiday, security in airports called costom agents check in your passport for to see which country you came from.

Current Knowledge

People have to mve because sometimes their jobs are in another country. But they also sometimes have to move because there might be a war with another country so they can protect their own family. Thats why moving to different places are more safe and easy to live in a better way.

When someone doesn't speak,think or act the same why as you do you can just pretend to be the same as them or you can ask someone else about them but that person would be the same as you.

Molly's Dream

What dreams does Molly have?
She wanted to be just like Mrs. Simmons. She wanted
to be as skilled and intelligent as her employer was.
She wanted to have the kind of courage Mrs.-
Simmons had to own and run her own business.
And that was the part which was not shown in the sampler scene.
What will she need to do to make her dreams come true?
She would have to learn writing, reading and math and
learn how to stitch, sew and weave. She also has to finish
her job with Mrs. Simmons before she wanted to
make her dreams come true.